Brian Campbell
Professional Photographer


I am a photographer from South West Donegal, Ireland. Growing up on the coast I have always had an interest in nature, the outdoors and activities based around the sea. Growing up I would always rather be outside in the fresh air than sitting in playing video games or watching tv. I think it was this baseline love of the outdoors which eventually drove me towards landscape photography down the line.

For me, having a camera in my hand and the ability to save a particular moment in time is something special. It gives me motivation to seek out the next adventure or experiences worth remembering and that is when I am happiest.

I love the never ending quest to improve and create images for others to enjoy and I put 100% effort into my work. If I can someday make a living doing what I love then mission accomplished.

As of now I am based in Waikanae, New Zealand trying to live life one adventure at a time and make the absolute most of every situation. Having that desire to capture beautiful images and travel was one of my main reasons for coming here. My main goal is to sell large prints of my images for others to enjoy and just keep learning and getting better at all aspects of photography.

Open your eyes and heart to the world and you will see magic!